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Is someone you know having a birthday soon? Would you like to surprise them and delight them at the very same time? If so, then why not send them a fully customized and personalized bday electronic greeting card to let them know what is in your heart?

But it shouldn’t be just any card. If you really care about that person – and we know you do – the very best choice by far would be a musical animated greeting card selected from the vast inventory offered by the fine folks at – us, in other words (we don’t like to blow our own horns, we just prefer to always be honest). Of course receiving an email notice that an e-greeting card has been sent and is ready to be opened will bring a moment of joy to any soul, no matter where that card might happen to be located. But we know from experience and the testimony of our customers that your loved one will be both deeply touched and highly entertained when he or she receives a bday card that carries the peerless and exceptional brand.

So what kind of birthday card would you like to send? Something cheerful, funny, inspiring, moving, eclectic, colorful, creative, imaginative…maybe some combination of all of these? No matter what tone you might be seeking, stay tranquil – we have been adding new selections to our roster of musical animated greeting e-cards on a regular basis every month since we first came online way back in 1999, and the diversity of choices you will find here means that regardless of what you are looking for you are all but ensured of finding it. But even if you just need a basic template for your own photos, music, or images you can rest assured that will be able to provide exactly what you require.

Electronic Animated Greeting Cards for Anyone, Anywhere, at Any Time

Here’s the bottom line: if your family member, friend, or co-worker has an email address, as quick as a snap of the fingers we can deliver notification that your personalized animated musical electronic greeting card is waiting for his or her perusal; or if you prefer you can choose an advance appointment time and we will notify your chosen person based on that schedule. And if by some chance you should happen to forget someone’s birthday or another important event, please stay calm – we will be more than happy to fire up the time machine and travel back into the past and deliver your greeting card at the exact moment when you actually need it delivered.

All right, so we have to confess we haven’t really perfected that machine just yet. But we are working on it. In the meantime, to avoid this potential problem you can simply send us a list of bdays and other important occasions that you would like to remember and celebrate and we will be sure to remind you when significant dates are imminent.

Animated electronic greeting cards with music are superb for birthdays, but this is just one type of meaningful event that you will want to honor and acknowledge with these sweet and special gifts. Kind wishes, loving thoughts, and congratulatory shout-outs sent straight from the heart and transmitted online through animated electronic greeting cards are highly appropriate for any of these memorable and important occasions:

  • Anniversaries
  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Hanukkah
  • New Years
  • Easter
  • Memorial day
  • High school graduations
  • Work Promotions
  • Engagements
  • The birth of a new child
  • Arbor Day, Earth Day, Bastille Day, National Potato Day (very popular in Idaho), and dozens of other not-so-well known holidays that are totally worth celebrating

And when times are tough and circumstances are not so sunny, a well-chosen electronic e-card that lets a loved one know he or she is on your mind and in your prayers could be a real blessing.

Why is a Free Electronic Greeting Card from the Best Choice?

This is a very important question, but when you actually see our extensive catalog of electronic greeting cards the answer to it will become obvious. Our animated musical greeting cards are fun, creative, visually enchanting, and so vast in number and diverse in theme that you should have no trouble finding a splendid match for each and every person in your address book, no matter what event or date you might desire to acknowledge. We’re fast, we’re friendly, we’re efficient, and we have spent the last 14 years learning how to meet the needs of everyone. Some of our competitors are good and some of the people behind them are friends. But we are the best, and if we didn’t admit this we could easily be accused of false modesty.

If you like what you see here, we are ready to go whenever you are; and if you willing to take a brief moment or two to register with us you will be able to start sending online electronic greeting cards to the people you care about immediately, today!